ST Machinery Sales Ltd design and manufacture quality bespoke conveyor systems, specialising in the plastics and packaging industries.

The benchmark for plastic conveyors

across the UK plastics industry since 1998

  • ST Machinery Sales Ltd: Designing and manufacturing bespoke conveyor systems for over 20 years.
  • Fast turnaround from conveyor design to delivery with renowned reliability built in.
  • Used by major plastic component manufacturers and smaller companies alike.
  • Serving the plastics, packaging, automotive, pharmaceutical, recycling and many other industries worldwide where cost effective purchasing is vital.
  • Individually designed and built to meet each customer’s unique requirements often at a lower price than off the shelf standard conveyors.

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ST Machinery manufacture a selection of automated box filling and product handling equipment here in the UK.

Our Rotary Chute, Rotary Table Carousel, Parallel Box Filling and Linear Box Filling ranges are tailor designed to integrate with any ST Machinery modular conveyor or other conveyor for control of your product sorting and separating requirements.

All our automated product sorting and box filling solutions can be designed to complement your conveyor function and product handling requirements.