ST Machinery Sales Ltd design and manufacture quality bespoke conveyor systems, specialising in the plastics and packaging industries.
conveyor with tunnel metal detector system in production facility

ST Machinery plastic conveyors can incorporate Tunnel Metal Detectors, offering precise metal detection to prevent product contamination or potential damage to other machinery.conveyor tunnel metal detectors

The type of Tunnel Metal Detector fitted to the modular plastic conveyor is tailor designed to suit customer application requirements.

Typically metal particle detection as small as 0.5mm in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals is possible.

Tunnel Metal Detectors are widely used on conveyors in the medical, food and plastics industries for small particle detection.

Conveyors fitted with metal detectors automatically stop on contamination detection, along with siren and beacon alerts.

Tunnel metal detectors are available in a wide range of sizes for varying conveyor belt widths.

When filling the conveyor enquiry form select 'Tunnel metal detection' under the ancilleries group and we will discuss the range of options available, other ancillaries may also be selected by using the Ctrl key on your keyboard.

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