ST Machinery Sales Ltd design and manufacture quality bespoke conveyor systems, specialising in the plastics and packaging industries.

ST offer a selection of Product Handling equipment tailor designed to integrate with any ST Conveyor or other conveyor for control of your product sorting and separating requirements.

Rotary Box Fillers, Roller Separators and Paddle Separator Conveyors can be all purpose designed to complement your conveyor function and product handling requirements.

  • Rotary chute box filling systems for conveyors

    Rotary Chute Box Filler Systems For Conveyors

    Rotary Box Fillers are an ideal solution for automatic product distribution into multiple boxes. ST Machinery rotary box fillers are tailor designed to suit varying conveyor sizes, either integrated...
  • Free standing roller sprue separator for moulded plastic components

    Roller Sprue Separators

    ST Machinery Roller Sprue Separators , are the ideal solution for separating moulded plastic component parts from sprue and discharging into separate boxes. Tailor designed and manufactured in...
  • conveyor with paddle sprue separator

    Paddle Sprue Separators

    For separating moulded plastic parts from their sprues, ST Machinery offer Paddle Separators in a variety of widths and colours individually designed to meet application and space requirements....