ST Machinery Sales Ltd design and manufacture quality bespoke conveyor systems, specialising in the plastics and packaging industries.

Conveyor Systems Case Study - Customer B


Customer B is one of the largest manufacturers of tamper-evident plastic closures and plastic containers for the dairy, juice and food industries. They keep their customers satisfied by not only manufacturing high-quality closures, but by designing and building supporting packaging equipment and providing fast, global technical service.

They have strategically located manufacturing plants worldwide to provide customers with the fastest and most efficient service.

Product Integrity is behind everything Customer B does. They take product integrity beyond the basics of package integrity and consistent quality. They aim to enhance customers' brands through unique and value-added packaging designs.


ST Machinery Sales Ltd was invited to measure the system requirements and with samples of the closure tops for testing, ST set about designing and building the conveyor. Because the conveyor was very narrow (50mm wide) and covered to give part protection, we had to be sure the closure tops travelled the whole length of the belt in a continuous line without tipping over or jamming.  ST tested several shapes of closure top guide rails, finally specifying the final design.

We are proud to say the conveyor was delivered in 12 working days fulfilling Customer B's required specification.