Used and trusted by the leading UK manufacturers of plastic moulded products since 1998.

Whatever shape, size, capacity or level of automated system is required, we will design, construct and deliver a high quality, durable conveyor made in the UK at a comparible, if not lower cost to imported "off the shelf conveyors". 

Here is a collection of images of our UK manufactured plastic modular conveyors. You can see some of the applications of the conveyor systems as well as some of the options that compliment the conveyor systems, such as the metal detectors, weigh scales, rotary box fillers,  product separators etc. etc.

  • air-dry-conveyor
  • box-filler-conveyor-system
  • conveyor-carousel
  • cooling-fan-conveyor
  • horizontal-incline-horizontal
  • horizontal-incline--horizontal-conveyor
  • horizontal-paddle_separator-conveyor
  • incline-remote-reverse-conveyor
  • modular-conveyor-onsite
  • narrow-horizontal
  • paddle-separator-conveyor
  • small-horizontal-conveyor
  • stconveyors-name-plate
  • conveyor-colours
  • paddle-separators-conveyors
  • in-situ-conveyor
  • in-situ-conveyor-01
  • curved-conveyor
  • conveyors-03
  • conveyor-alarm
  • product-handling
  • roller-separator
  • rotary-box-fillers
  • swan-neck-conveyor
  • sprue-separator
  • conveyors

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